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South Street Linen

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Thank you, thank you

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Thank you, thank you
Thank you!
We are so grateful for:
Our new operations manager, Judy, for making our manufacturing process utterly dependable and for providing a structure that we never could have come up with but desperately needed. Thank you so much. We get how hard you work.
Our two bright-light art school grads, who not only do the everyday get-the-orders-out and work the shop BUT ALSO sprout  fabulous ideas and provide the talent to pull them off. AND they know computers. Did I say they are also delightful to be around? They are!
Our new pattern maker extraordinaire, Julie, who not only  makes design fun again … ok, her New Zealand accent helps … but who can communicate with others so that things actually get made! Makes us look so damn good!
For our graphic designer Lucian, the hippest boomer ever, who is never a bummer and who always comes up with wicked sharp ads.
For our stitchers. Great stitchers are SO HARD to find. They are the heart of our slow fashion commitmentWe bow down to you in total gratitude. We mean it.
To our models, truly beautiful women in every way.
To our customers, all shapes and sizes,  who GET what we are about and share our values of keeping it local, comfortable and beautiful. You have no idea how much you keep us going. 
In deep gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Lynn, Mary Ruth and Jane
Team South Street Linen

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