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South Street Linen

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What is linen?

Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen has an ancient and illustrious history. (See Why Linen.)

How are the Linen Wool products different from traditional linen?

Linen wool items have a slightly more tailored fit compared to classic South Street Linen styles due to the character of the blended fabric and the additions of new design details by way of zippers and adjustable elastic.

What are the countries of origin for South Street Linen fabrics?

All of our linen and wool fabrics come from Lithuania, Belgium, and Ireland.

Is linen difficult to care for?

Not really. Wash on delicate cycle, remove and hang to dry. If you want to soften a linen garment, throw it in the dryer for a few minutes AFTER it is all dry.

What about ironing?

We do not recommend ironing. Once you iron linen, you will be fighting wrinkles till the end of time. Hang drying SOST linen clothes will give you the soft, relaxed look for which linen is known.

Does linen shrink?

Yes, linen will shrink if you wash it with warm or hot water, or if you put it in a clothes dryer wet.

Is linen just for warm weather?

Au contraire! Linen is known as a warm-weather fabric because it breathes so well and feels good against the skin. But linen is also surprisingly warm in the winter and takes to layering quite effectively. We recently launched a new Linen Wool collection that extends the traditional linen season beyond just warm months for customers in any climate.

Does linen travel well?

Absolutely. Roll it up and put it in your bag. Upon arrival at your destination, unroll it, shake it out, and put it on a hanger.